What is Fantub?

Fantub is an LED board that shows the number of Likes your Facebook page has.

Is it connected to my Facebook page?

Of course, it is! Fantub updates the number of Likes in real time to show how many Fans your page has garnered!

I’ll need an internet connection, right?

Absolutely right! An active internet connection is required for the Fantub to connect to your Facebook page. A Wi-fi network is mandatory, else it will be extremely difficult to hang your Fantub anywhere.

I have only one Facebook page. Can I buy more than one board?

We don’t have a one – page – one – board policy! You can buy as many boards as you want for that one page, and all will be linked to your page!

Where can I keep it?

You can keep it wherever you like – the display window, the counter. You can even hang it anywhere you want, provided it has access to electricity.

Do I need a Facebook account?

Facebook does not allow you to have a business page if you don’t have an account. So, yes, you do need a Facebook account. You can either open an account and create a page yourself, or we can do it for you. If you want u to do it, just let us know!